The Lakheni Way

The name “Lakheni” is a call to action. It calls us to transform from dependency to empowerment, by fostering interdependent networks that create value for all stakeholders.

We believe that people are competent solvers of their own problems, and that co-creation with stakeholders and communities is vital if any solution is to have lasting social impact.

We will always treat employees, customers, shareholders, partners, suppliers and competitors with respect, integrity and fairness.

We will cultivate and promote an environment of self-determination that is built on teamwork and reciprocity.

Our strategic direction, decisions and actions will be driven by our ultimate goal of achieving systemic, sustainable and positive social impact.


Our Purpose

  • to create a demand-driven supply network for basic products & services in low income communities
  • to give families in low income communities access to goods and services at fair prices
  • to promote social service & commercial enterprise development in low income communities
  • to build a profitable enterprise that creates value and prosperity for shareholders, employees and partners
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